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157th Air Refueling Wing of the New Hampshire
Air National Guard Honors the 100th Bomb Wing
(Pictures by Pat Dwyer. Layout and captions by Sig Alexander.)

Col. John W. "Pogo" Pogprek,
CO 157th Air Refueling Wing
157th Operations Group Headquarters
Col. Mark H. "Uzi" Usatezewski,
CO 157th Operations Group
Officers and Airmen of the 157th  Air Refueling Wing (NHANG) salute the veterans of the 100th Bomb Wing
The 100th flyers and families were given a briefing on the mission of the Wing and the capability of the new KC-46 "Pegasus."
Boarding the aircraft as in the early days of jet airliners.
The Zimmermans are welcomed aboard.
Liquid display screens (LDS) have replaced the gauges at the pilots' stations.
The 62,000 lb. Pratt & Whitney PW-4062 is three times as powerful at the CFM-56-2 of the KC-135.
Charlie Wilson at the boom operator's position.
The two boom operator positions,one for an instructor and one for a student. The KC-46 is the first tanker to have the boomer located near the rest of the crew. The boom is remotely controlled by fly by wire. In addition, there are hose and drogue refueling pods on each wing.
The floor has been straightened and can carry up to 18 463L pallets. It can also be configured to carry passengers, including air-evac.
Greatly appreciated by all who have flown missions that lasted into double digit hours.

Bill Stambaugh, a KC-46 crewmember, George Tynan, & George Vehrs exchange pleasantries.
The Lyons family from Riverside, CA.
Ed & Adrienne Hanley & Adrienne's parents from Switzerland, Mr & Mrs Polisier.
A Surprise Awaits the 100th Veterans at the 157th ARW Headquarters
Champagne for everyone.
Col. Ustaszewski proposes a toast to the 100th.
"To the 100th Bomb Wing veterans."
"To the 157th Air Refueling Wing."