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USAF 100th BOMB WING (Med)
B-47/KC-97 Pease AFB, NH  Jan 1, 1956 - Feb 11, 1966
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"Peace Through Strength"
That was our motto....and it worked!
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2018 Reunion, Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, 6-9 Nov
Front: Ken Andrews, Dick Collett, George Crowl, Dick Heyman, Bob Rifley, Andy Anderberg, Ed Hanley,
Ed Dwyer, Charlie Wilson, Ron Farrell, Dave Lambert, Bill Obert, Bill Florich.
Rear: Joe O'Connor, Lee Bullwinkle, John Cornelius, Al Zimmerman, Frank Wierman,
Bill Stambaugh, Ed Collier, Loren Bartley, George Tynan, Phil Johnson, Joe Purdue, Shia Lome.
Tentative plans for 2019 Reunion
After a vote at the 2018 Reunion, tentative plans are to hold the
"Last Hurrah" for the 100th Bomb Wing in Sept 2019 in Portsmouth, NH.
More information to follow.
See Past Pictures page for
    more of 2018 Reunion